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  2. Does my sign have to look like a pictures on your website?
Your sign does not have to look like any of the pictures on our website. Each sign is custom designed for the customer.

We have hundreds of images we can use for signs. Many of our most popular cedar signs are nature themed featuring animals such as deer, moose, bears, eagles, horses, fish, dogs etc. We have, or can create images of most any animal. We also do a lot of signs with vehicles such as RV's, motorhomes, fifth wheels, motorcycles, and classic cars. We have images of people, sports, hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, lake scenes, cabin scenes, and most anything else you can think of.

It's often a good idea to look through our gallery and see if there are any signs we've previously created that feature images you like. Let us know what they are when you place your order and we'll use them when creating your sign designs. If there is something close, but not quite what you want, let us know and we can modify or combine designs to get something you'll like.

Often people ordering a cedar sign just tell us they want a sign that says the Smith's, (John and Jane) and they'd like a picture of a moose, and we draw up two or three ideas with a variety of moose scenes to send them as previews to look at.

If you have a question whether we have an image of some unique thing you'd like on your sign, feel free to contact us at [email protected].