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The Custom Design Process for your Sign

We work with you to design the sign you want!

What finish do you use and how long will my sign last?

Our Signs are made to last outdoors!

When should I order to receive a sign in time for Christmas?

We begin getting Christmas orders at the first of October and it's usually necessary to order before the end of November to ensure delivery by Christmas!

Does my sign have to look like a pictures on your website?

No we custom design your sign just for you! It does not have to look like anything we have done before.

What fonts can be used on my Sign?

We can carve most any well designed font! Some work better than others for certain styles of carving.

Can you carve an image of MY cabin or MY RV on my sign?

Yes you can supply an image for your sign and we can carve a picture of your Cabin or your RV on your sign with a few caveats and possibly an additional cost.

Why do I pay before receiving a preview of my sign design?

Design of your sign takes time, so we have an upfront cost in creating it. We usually have enough current prepaid orders to keep us busy, and have to give them first priority.

Can I supply the wood for my sign?

Yes, if it meets the requirements for us to be able to carve on your piece of wood.

How big of a sign can you make?

Our Cedar Slab style signs are normally up to 8 foot long. We can make larger signs though.

What about the apostrophe? Should I use 's or s'?

Here are the English language rules for the apostrophe, but we'll do it the way you want!

Do the letters and/or image have to be black?

No we can paint the text or image other colors. We also have options for hand painted details.