Customer Sign Photos - May 2022

CUStom WOOD SIGNS created in May of 2022

 These are photos of some of the carved signs we created and shipped to customers in May. We design and carve each Custom Wood Sign to our customers specification.  We work with the customer to come up with the look they desire for their Wood Sign, then carve it into a live edge cedar slab which is finished for a long outdoor life.   Let us design and create your Cabin Sign, Camping Sign, Farm Sign, Address Sign or any type of cedar sign you need.

Wood Address Sign - Burry Lane

This double sided 3 foot wide Address sign features images of a pair of cats.  It's carved on a live edge cedar board and has optional green text.

Cedar Address Sign - Burry Lane
Wood Cabin Sign - Calverts Cabin

Cabin Sign - Calvert's Cabin

This cabin sign is 30 inches wide, with carved pictures of an ATV and speedboat. It has the grandchildren's names carved in Yellow and Blue.

Roadside Cross Carved from Cedar

We carved a replacement for the horizontal part of the cross dedicated to Sherri Cook.

Roadside Cross carved from Cedar Wood
Carved Wood Address Sign - The Stewarts

Wood Address Sign - The Stewarts

A 3ft wide Address Sign carved for the Stewarts featuring a carved scene with oak tree and deer,

Camping Sign - Camp Emmert's Hickory Hills

This Wood Sign is 3 ft wide with a handpainted campfire and pine tree scene. 

Wood Camp Sign - Camp Emmerts Hickory Hills
Cedar Wood Sign - Dad's Garage

Cedar Wood Sign - Dad's Garage

This 2 ft Cedar Wood Sign was carved for Dad's Garage and displays the Thin Blue Line flag.

Carved Wood Religious Sign - Refuge

This 2 ft  Wood Sign features a carved scene of deer near a mountain lake. Quotes Psalm 91.

Carved Religious Sign - Refuge
Wood Address Sign - Bossman Family

Carved Wood Address Sign - Bossman Family

This 3 ft wide Address Sign for the Bossman Family is double sided and features deer, dogs and turkey near a Peach tree and an oak with a tree swing.

Commercial Wood Sign - Nature Coast Inn & Cottages

This 8ft double sided sign is part of a series of cedar signs carved for a resort in Inglis, Florida. This 8ft sign features a handpainted Redfish and a Manatee. 

Commercial Wood Sign - Nature Coast Inn and Cottages
Carved Resort Sign - Room and Cottage Rentals

Wood Resort Sign - Room and Cottage Rentals

This 6ft double sided carved Commercial Wood Sign is also for the Nature Coast Inn and will hang beneath the 8 ft sign above. 

Commercial Sign - Phone Number

This 4ft double sided sign will complete the entry sign for the Nature Coast Inn and Cottages and hang beneath the 6ft sign above at the entrance to the resort.

Custom Wood Business Sign - Phone Number
Custom Carved Sign - Office Directional Sign

Wooden Directional Sign - Office Around Corner

This 2ft handpainted Wood Sign will direct visitors to the office for the Nature Coast Inn and Cottages. The Manatee and Redfish were handpainted by our artist after the images were carved into the sign.

Office Sign - Carved Wood Sign

This 3ft Custom Carved Sign is for the office of Nature Coast Inn & Cottages. The Redfish and Manatee were carved into the sign, and handpainted details added by our artist.

Carved Wood Airbnb Sign - Office Phone
Farm Sign - TW Organics

Farm Sign - T.W. Organics

This is a farm sign for a repeat customers Organic Farm. The 3 foot wide Carved Cedar Sign features a tree and mountain scene in Green with black text and a hawk.

Wood Farm Sign - Land Plantation

This 3 foot Carved Cedar Sign is for a customers farm and features green pine trees and black deer. 

Carved Wood Farm Sign - Land Plantation
Carved Farm Sign - Bucket List Farm

Custom Carved Farm Sign- Our Bucket List Farm

This 4 foot Carved Wood Farm Sign was carved for a local Missouri farm. The image is a barn near an oak tree with a rooster on the fence and a wooden bucket.

Wood Address Sign - Culver Street

This Address Sign is a 2ft Wood Sign and features a carved dove and olive branch that has been handpainted by our artist. 

Address Sign Carved Cedar Wood - Culver Street
Custom Cabin Sign Carved from Cedar - Knob Creek Haven

Cabin Sign - Knob Creek Haven

A 3ft Custom Carved Cabin Sign on a live edge cedar slab. This Wood Sign displays a log cabin with a creek and a buck and doe deer.

Hunting Camp Sign - Salvatore Hunt Club

A 5ft wide Wood Sign for a Hunting Club, carved from a large Live Edge Cedar Slab.  The ends were left open so that the customer can add a European skull mount to each end of the sign.

Hunting Camp Sign carved from Live Edge Cedar Slab
Carved Wood Ranch Sign - OK Corral

Ranch Sign - OK Corral

A Wood Sign for a ranch. The OK Corral Sign is carved on a 5 foot wide Live Edge Cedar board and has a carving of a tumbleweed on each end. Blue text and images were chosen by the customer.  We have several options for different colors of text and images on your sign, including detailed hand painting by a talented artist.

Ranch Gate Sign - Star Walker Ranch

This 8ft wide Ranch Sign is carved from a rustic cedar slab to be placed on the ranch's entrance gate. Thunderbird carving on each end of the Ranch Sign.

Large Custom Wood Ranch Sign - Star Walker Ranch

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