March and April 2022 Signs

Carved Wood Signs for March and April 2022

These are photos of some of the signs we created and shipped to customers this month. We design and carve each Wood Sign to our customers specification.  We work with the customer to come up with the look they desire for their Custom Sign, then carve it into a natural cedar slab which is finished for a long outdoor life.   Let us design and create a sign for your Cabin, Camper, Ranch, Cottage or wherever you need a beautiful natural wood sign.

The Millers Carved Wood Sign

A carved wood sign created for the Millers, with pine tree images. The sign is Carved on a lived edge cedar slab.

Carved Wood Sign for the Millers
Cabin Sign - Ubetican SS

Ubetican SS Cabin Sign

This 3 foot wide carved Cabin Sign features a mountain lake scene with deer. The Wood Sign is carved from a natural edged cedar wood slab.

Dogbone Sign

This small sign cut from cedar is an addition to hang below a customers Camping sign with their dogs name.

Small Dog Bone Sign to complement a carved Camper Sign
Backyard Grill Sign - Carebear's Chill Grill

Sign for Backyard Grill

Carebears' Chill Grill, a 2 foot Carved Wood sign for a customer who likes to Cook Out.

Wolfpack Den Cabin Sign

This 2 foot wood cabin sign features a pair of howling wolves with mountains and pine trees. The trees have been handpainted by our artist.

Wood Cabin Sign - Wolfpack Den
Custom Carved 5 Foot Wood Sign - The Pummills

Carved Wood Sign for the Pummills

This 5 foot wide Custom Wood Sign features a mountain scene with deer and turkey.

Custom Wood Business Sign - Mapleton Sap Shack

This 30 in wide Custom Sign was carved on a natural edge cedar wood board and features a maple syrup shack and maple tree.

Mapleton Sap Shack - A Carved Business Sign
Wood Cottage Sign with Dancing Rabbits

Custom Carved Cottage Sign

This 3 foot wood Cottage Sign for the Kucera Cottage display a mountain river scene with Dancing Rabbits. This is a double sided sign with the same image on both sides.

Custom Name Sign - Brandt

This 2 foot wide Custom Cedar Sign was carved for the Brandt family and features their interests including Golf, Palm Trees, Cowboy Boots, and Wine Glasses.

Custom Family Name Sign - Brandt
Carved Wood Cabin Address Sign - Westcott

Cabin Address Sign

A 3 foot wide Cabin Address Sign custom carved from a Cedar Slab with Live Edges. This Cabin Sign features a sunset over the mountains behind a lake with a bear and Eagle,

Carved Wood Ranch Sign

This four foot Custom Ranch Sign for the Lopez Ranch features a deer and pine tree scene with a bald eagle.

Carved Wood Ranch Sign - Lopez Ranch

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