Custom Cedar Wood Signs for December 2021

Custom Cedar Signs Completed in December 2021

These are photos of some of the signs we completed during December 2021.  Our Christmas season runs from the first of October thru Christmas Eve and this year was a busy season indeed.  Take a look thru the photos and maybe you'll see something that gives you an idea for your sign. We make Cedar Signs for any use you can think of - Cabin Signs, RV Signs, Commercial Signs, Address Signs, Trail signs and many other uses.


A 3 foot double Sided Cedar Sign for the Padgett Family of Alabama. This sign features bears near a tent camp and campfire, with mountains and a sunset.

Opie's Retreat, A four foot wide Retreat Sign with a Golden Retriever in front of hills and an oak tree.


Creek Sit Spot, one of several 18" Cedar signs to mark trails and locations on a property in North Carolina. These signs were specially requested to have only a single coat of sealer for a duller finish than our normal signs.

A 30 Inch Name sign for a couple in New York state with lake scene an loons. Black Chancery font.


An RV sign that is 2' wide with a travel trailer and a Dodge Ram truck, sent to New York state.

A 2 foot name sign with a lake scene, moose, and campfire for the Dellaires of Alberta, Canada


Snowbirds Recreational Vehicle Sign for the Nedoba Family of Michigan for their RV site at a park in Florida. The sign showcases a fifth wheel camper with a palm tree.

2 foot RV sign for the Wolter Family of Wisconsin.  This sign features a travel trailer in front of mountains and pines with their dogs and 4 wheelers in the foreground. This is the second RV sign we've made for Tim and Annette as their previous sign from about 5 years ago included the kids names who have now grown up.


This 30 inch cabin sign was made for the Williams Family and shows a cabin with pine trees behind it.


This is another of the trail signs made for the property in N Carolina featuring a creek and campfire.

An 18 inch trail sign for N Carolina - True Nature Chapel.


Ridge Retreat another 18 inch trail sign for the N Carolina property.

18 inch trail sign - Overlook Pavilion.

This is also for the property in North Carolina.  These are repeat customers after we made a previous batch of trail and marker signs for their property several years ago.


The Bresslers, a 2 foot Cedar Name Sign bound for Alberta, Canada with an image of a buck and doe deer in front of mountains and pines.

A camp sign that is 6 feet wide for Camp Shitty Britches which was for a customer from Kansas. This sign has a cabin scene and an airboat.


Name sign for a California Cabin that is 2 foot wide - Bramble Twig. Images of Bear Cub and Pine Trees and Kristin font.

For a family in Wisconsin, a 2 Foot wide Cedar Family Sign, The Martins. Pine Trees with black chancery font.


A 2 foot Cedar Family Name Sign for a Florida couple. The Bartons sign features a buck deer and a mermaid.

This two foot cedar sign is a gift from a Texas husband to his wife.


A 2 foot Ranch Sign for a horse stall for Diablo.  Florida bound.

This is a 2 foot Cedar Sign for a couple in NY. Dave and Barb's sign contains a lake, buck deer, and fishermen in a boat.


This 2 foot cabin sign is for the Gneuhs Cabin and features a cabin and pine tree image.

RV Camper Sign for Daniel and Kristin of Arkansas with a Fifth Wheel Trailer, campfire, mtns and pines.


This is a 3 foot Address Sign for the Gaydos Homestead of Maryland. Mountain and Pine scene with a buck and doe.

The Freimarks Family sign is 3 foot wide with a lake cabin scene for customers in Minnesota.


The Felkers Cabin Sign has a picture of the Felkers actual cabin on a lake and their Schnauzer dog.

This sign is 2 foot wide.

This 30 inch Cedar Sign has a bald eagle and a quote saying "You make my dreams come true".  For the Sheridans of N Carolina.


This Sukeforth Lodge Sign is 2 feet wide with an image of a cabin and buck and doe deer.

The Our Piece of the Pie Address Sign if for customers in California. It's 2 ft wide with a deer and mountains scene.


The Wirkner's 2 foot address sign demonstrates a pine and mountain scene and was shipped to California.

An 18in sign for the Dietrichs went to Michigan. This small sign has a bald eagle picture.


Two foot Farm Sign for the Pattersons with image of a barn and goats in the barnyard.

This 2 foot cabin sign 'Tioga' features buck deer and a bear for clients in Pennsylvania.


A 2 foot Cabin Sign destined for Alabama. Happy Acres 2 has a picture a a small cabin with pines. Old town and Boston Truckstyle fonts.

The Vaughans sign is a 2 footer with an image of a bass taking a lure. Old town font.  This sign was sent to S Carolina.


This simple 30" sign was designed to duplicate a hand made sign the clients father had made years ago.

This signs ultimate destination is Brazil, it was created from the photo of a building in Barbacena and is 2 foot wide.


This is a 3 foot Farm Sign for Crooked Farm in Oregon. It features an old tractor and a rooster.

Address Sign for Friend in Missouri. This Address Sign was a replacement for one that her husband had made years ago and is a duplicate of the original signs style.


Two foot wide RV sign for the Dooleys of Indiana. This sign features a travel trailer parked near a lake with a deer in the foreground.

Pirates Nest, a four foot Address Sign for a rental cabin in Mississippi.

Skull and Crossbones image and Old English style font.


Two foot wide Address Sign for a Rental unit in Mississippi. Image of a Sea Turtle.

Trail Sign that is 2 foot wide with image of Mary and Butterfly.


Four foot Pirates Hideaway Address Sign sent to Mississippi for rental unit.  Skull and Crossbones and Pirate ship featured on this sign. 

Robertsons Family Name sign with bear and cub in front of mountain scene.  This sign went to NY.


Thirty Inch Camper sign for the Grados of Arizona. Fifth wheel camper in front of mountain scene.

Motorcycle Sign that is 2 foot wide with quotation "Just another day in Paradise".


30 inch cedar Family Cabin Sign for the Leslies of Ohio. This sign displays deer, bear, and an eagle with a mountain scene.

Camp Sign that is 18 inches wide with Mountain Lake Cabin scene. Welcome to our Camp.


Sign for the Edwards of Georgia. This Cedar Sign is a 3 footer with a Cabin on the lake scene, including ducks, a dog, swing, and pontoon boat.

The Fox Hollow Sign is 3 foot wide Cedar Sign with the image of a fox. It uses the black chancery font.


This is a 3 foot farm sign for friends in southern Missouri. It's a two sided sign with a barn, cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and horses to represent some of the variety of animals they have on their farm.

This is the reverse side of the 3 foot Farm Sign for the Cope Family Farm.


This is an 8 foot Property Sign for the Bent Oak Land Company. It displays a bent oak in the center to mimic a tree on their property along with more oaks on either side of the lake with ducks and deer.

The Enchanted Forest of Bear Hollow is a 2 foot Cedar Sign with a bear in front of a castle and mountain scene.


A 2 foot Address sign 'Crazy Horse' with a war arrow on a natural cedar slab.

A 2 foot Camper Sign for the Davis Family of Virginia with a travel trailer in front of pine trees.


Farm Sign for Lone Pine Hidden Acres. A 2 footer with a chicken coop, chickens and a pig.

Thirty Inch wide Cedar Sign for the Swensons with Moose, pine trees and an eagle.
'Home away from Home'


Two Foot Cedar Sign for the Hughes of Texas.  Bible verse and two horses nuzzling.

Haggertys School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A custom 18 inch Cedar Sign for a customer in North Dakota.


This is a 2 foot Cabin Sign for the Burrows Family Cabin. It features a pine tree scene.

Uncle Toms Cabin is a 14" cabin sign specially cut to fit a specific size bracket. It displays a mountain lake scene with a buck in the forground.


A 30 inch directional for the Salisburys of Arkansas. This Directional Sign has a pair of deer and pine trees with an arrow to the right.

Our Happy Place is a 2 foot wide Cabin Sign for clients from Wisconsin with a small cabin and pine trees.


A three foot Address Sign for Sierra Circle in California with pine trees and pine cones.

This hand painted Cabin Address Sign is a 3 footer with pine trees and a salmon. The Cronn's Cabin.


The Water N Hole, a 2 foot Cedar sign with image of a man and kid fishing on a dock. This sign was shipped to Illinois.

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