Custom Wood Signs for January 2022

January 2022 Sign Roundup

Here are photos of some of the signs we've recently created for customers and shipped this month. Though the first quarter is often a slower time of the year for us, we've had a busy January with record sales. Some of these were signs that were ordered last minute and too late to be delivered before Christmas and others were requested this month.  There was a pretty wide variety of types of Cedar Signs including Farm signs, Commercial Signs, Campsite and RV signs, Cabin Signs, and a number of Hunting Camp signs. This month's Cedar signs ranged in size from 18 inches to 8 feet long. Several of these signs were handpainted by our artist and at least one cabin sign is a custom carving based off a picture of the purchasers actual cabin. We thank you for getting us off to a good start for 2022.


This is an 8 foot wide Cedar Farm Sign for a Customer in Georgia. The hand painted sign features deer and pine trees and uses the Old Town Font.

Here is a custom Cabin Sign created for a customer in Tennessee. The customer provided a photo of their cabin which we converted into a silhouette that can be carved and then added the trees and sunset.


This is one of several hunting camp signs created for a customer in Texas to give as gifts. Deer, Texas Star, and Wild hog images and the Boston Truckstyle font.

A Cottage Address Sign created for a client from Wisconsin. Simple Cabin and Pine Scene with Blackchancery font.


An Arizona buyer ordered this sign for their cottage with images of fishermen on a mountain stream and a Salmon.

Deer Camp Sign for a Louisiana customer with pine trees, a stream, mountains, a cabin, and a buck deer. 


One of several signs order by a shopper from Louisiana, this Mancave Sign has and image of a buck and doe.

Another Hunting Camp Sign ordered by a Texas customer as a gift.  Deer and Coon with Cypress trees.


A second Deer Tales sign with Cabin and Lake scene with deer and ducks. Kristin Font

One of several hunting camp signs ordered as presents. This one has a buck and doe, wild hog, and the Fleur de Lis.


This Bungalow sign was shipped to Florida. It features a cabin and stream scene with a northern pike.

One of several Camping Signs order as gifts by a client in Wisconsin. This one features a popup camper with campfire near a lake.


Another of the Camper signs, this one featuring a small teardrop camper in the pines with a campfire. Kristin Font

The Browns Cedar Sign is a name sign for buyers in New York. It demonstrates a scene with a buck deer by the lakeside.


This RV sign design shows a popup camper in the Pines with a campfire. Kristin Font

This Commercial Law Firm sign was created for a client of Ads Plus Signs in Monroe, Louisiana.


This sign is a replacement for an earlier sign for this Missouri family that unfortunately got broken during a move. Lake scene with a catfish, Text in Green.

A 30 inch wide Cabin Sign for the Draegers with a pine tree scene.


At the request of a Razorback fan here in Arkansas, we created this sports sign for his mancave.

Custom romantic plaque for a customer in South Carolina. 


This is a 3 foot sign with hand painted deer and trees for the Pluffs in NY.

Two foot sign 'Welcome to our Treehouse' with a hand painted chihuahua bound for Kentucky.


Two foot cedar Address Sign for the Mertens with Pine and Mountain scene. 

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