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  2. Do the letters and/or image have to be black?
For a rustic cedar sign, black looks very good against the cedar, but it's not a Model T, so yes we can paint it a different color if you prefer. Yellow does stand out pretty well on the cedar signs if you need something readable from a long ways away. Blue looks good too. Some colors such as Red or White don't have a lot of contrast against the cedar slab, but we'll paint those colors too if you desire.

To paint the text of the sign a particular color other than black adds $5 to the cost. To paint the image another color other than black adds an additional $5. i.e. To paint the text black and the logo red would add $5. To paint the text red and the logo blue would add $10. You can choose these options when placing your order.

To hand paint the image a variety of colors such as white on eagles tails and yellow on beaks or to paint the bears or deer in natural colors can be done by our Artist and starts at $45.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].